Saturday, 29 January 2011

Book Recommendations

So we all had to recommend two books this week in our store. One of them had to be something we are currently reading, the other had to be something we planned on reading next. For my ‘current’ book I chose this, it’s A Fall Of Moondust by Arthur C. Clarke. It’s not a massively well know book to most people, but then again not many books I read are, especially being science fiction. I like to recommend lesser known books when I can. So between all of the staff, that’s at least 36 books that were chosen to place on a stand in front of store for customers to see almost immediately as they come in. Within an hour it had sold! (we only had 1 in stock for the time being).

There’s a lovely, tingly, proud feeling you get when you know
someone has taken a book you personally recommended, especially one you never expected to be sold so quickly - if at all. And especially so when it sells faster than everyone else’s recommends :P

My 2nd recommendation for what I’m going to read next was The Eye Of The World by Robert Jordan, Part 1 in the Wheel Of Time series.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

The War Of The Worlds Poster Design

I've wanted to try some more graphic design based work recently, and this idea has been in my head for some time. So here it is. A simple poster design for the daddy of sci-fi books, the war of the worlds.

Credit for the paper texture goes to: I really need to start scanning in and building a library of my own textures!