Saturday, 2 October 2010

The genesis of Regulus

I began thinking of a project a few months ago, one which is practically limitless, one which could last me the rest of my life in varying forms. I decided I want to create my own future mythology, hence the reason it's potentially limitless. I understand it's a near impossible task however that's sort of the reason I want to take on such a project, it's something I will most likely never finish, but I can work on portions of it for now and see where it leads me.

It's a project which I hope will push me into new directions of creativity, such as writing and design, along with my art. So far I have plenty of narratives I want to cover, possibly stories which could be set in the same mythology but centuries or millennia apart. I want to include religion in the story somewhere, it's a 'topic' I'm heavily passionate about as in some form or another it's connected to everything. I won't be showing religion in a particularly positive light, nor will I be attacking it in any way. I want to use it as a plot device to illustrate where cultures, beliefs and philosophies may develop and evolve from, and how the passage of time can completely change our points of view. Without getting too deep into it of course.

It's going to be a science fiction mythology inspired by absolutely everything I have ever read, watched, played, absorbed. Having just watched a Stephen Hawking programme on television I can already say a lot of what he imagines for the future will be touched upon.

It's going to start as a story, this I may attempt to write into a novel (or series) one day. For now, whilst I develop the ideas behind it I'll be working on art and designs for it, potential book covers, movie-esque posters, props and diaries from characters, the characters themselves, spacecraft, planets etcetera. I hope having this frame of mind will help me develop a range of skills worthy of a design job one day, with a nice organised portfolio showing development, passion, devotion to a project and hopefully some talent.

These were some of the very first images I worked on, the first being just a promotional poster for my idea, the second being just a few variants of the title. I can't decide on my favourite just yet, let me know if you have a preference. I'd love to work with people who are interested in the project to bounce ideas off whoever may be reading this, so anyone, be as involved as you'd like (at least in terms of my designs, the story is top secret for now)

I hope whoever may be reading this enjoys following my progress, I intend to update it as regularly as possible, mostly with bits and pieces of design and potentially early chunks of writing if I can get my head around it all.

♌ ‘In Spring look to the East, the lion will show you the way’

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