Saturday, 16 October 2010

Sci-Fi through new eyes

As my project gains momentum, I'm beginning to look at all my inspirations in completely new ways. I'm breaking everything down and analysing it all from new perspectives. For instance, what character aspects make for interesting reading, and allow for plenty of development throughout a story; their flaws, fears, anxieties and strengths. No one likes a perfect character. I'm considering events in stories which are irrelevant to the main themes, but help bridge together key plot lines with interesting and exciting content without just feeling like 'filler' material. For example, the Quidditch chapters in the Harry Potter novels, they give the whole story added dimension. It gives the main character something to do other than just 'saving the world'.

I'm also looking through comics and graphic novels at major action sequences, trying to imagine how I'd describe them without the aid of visual panels, and simultaneously not boring the readers with an excess of details. I need to find a balance between clarity and chaos, I want the reader to feel they don't know exactly everything that's happening.

The only problem I'm having is that I can't absorb enough of what I love at once. Especially with books, which obviously take a lot longer to absorb than a comic, or films, or games.

The one thing I can always rely on is my trusty lightsaber..... collection. I believe anyone designing, writing, drawing, painting science fiction based work should have at least one lightsaber knocking about. One of the coolest things is (or some may say geeky) I recently found out Iain M. Banks has the same Force FX lightsaber as I do on his wall in his office, Darth Vader's. (not the one on my desk, that's Obi Wan's)

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