Monday, 11 October 2010

Learning Curves

So it turns out trying to even come up with a plot line for a book is hard, never mind actually writing it.

Today I've had ups and downs for hours trying to work out just where I want my story to go. I began with plenty of ideas, many of which I already knew couldn't be used in the same story so some had to go and the rest had to be adapted. I must have had 6 completely different story lines in my head today and it's wearing me out. But I love it. It's something I've never tried before and never imagined I would, I've no idea where it all came from but now it's something I feel I need to take more seriously than my artwork.

Hopefully my artwork will continue alongside it however, and I can illustrate my story as I write it.

I've been trying to find some sort of common tips for writing but it seems most of my favourite authors just had the natural gift for writing prolifically, which basically means I'll just have to crack on and deal with any problems in anyway I can. It's nice to have something to think about constantly, but seems to get overwhelming at times, especially when you come to the conclusion that the whole idea is terrible and needs a rethink.

The hardest element so far has been deciding character names, I can imagine most of my characters in an instant, what they look like, their behaviour, what job they could have. But coming up with names just feels... awkward. It feels like naming someone else's children. Either that or I'm just stealing characters from elsewhere; names seem to be something we take entirely for granted.

Not only that but I'm obviously inspired by all things Sci-Fi, of which there is a lot out there in the 'verse. So it's difficult to imagine stories which haven't already been told in some form or another. Even when I genuinely believe I've come up with my own idea from scratch, I get that annoying feeling of familiarity of something I completely forgot I had even read, watched, played.

For now I'm incredibly happy with the major theme of my story, I know I have an interesting twist for the end of my story, which could either be the end of a single book, or if I become prolific enough, the end of a saga. I'm entirely convinced it's an idea which has never been published, chances are it already has and I simply haven't read it yet, but we'll see.

These are all thoughts I've had after about 2 days of really sitting down and thinking about my project, so I dread to think where my mind will be in a few months when I will most likely start writing bits and pieces.

I can safely say however that if the writing project comes to a disastrous end, either because my mind has melted or a book on my vast reading list turns out the story I thought was my own, then at least I can continue with my accompanying artwork, which is where this whole future mythology idea evolved from.

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